Subject Selection Information

Please read through the following information very carefully as it will help you to understand the subject choices that you may choose to study in your first year at Dulwich Zhuhai.

The majority of our students join the 4-year programme, beginning in Year 10. They spend the first two years working on their IGCSEs before moving onto studying A-levels. A smaller number of students join the accelerated programme as Year 10 Fast-Track students. These students complete a smaller number of IGCSE courses in 1 year before moving onto their A-levels. We occasionally let students who have studied for longer to join in Year 12 and start their A-levels. If you are not sure of where you should be, you are probably a 4-year programme student but please contact the admissions team for guidance. 

To help you to make the correct subjects choices for your pathway (Year 10 – 4 Year Programme; Year 10 Fast-Track – 3 Year Programme; Year 12-AS-Level)we have provided information about your compulsory and optional subjects in the three sections below for the three study pathways.

On the link below titled ‘Subject Selection Videos’ you can watch a short video which shows you which gives you some information about the subjects you may wish to consider choosing.

The link on the left titled ‘Subject Selection Forms’ will let you choose your subject selection. First, please read the information about your correct pathway by clicking on the link below:

Year 10 – 4 Year Programme; 

Year 10 Fast-Track – 3 Year Programme; 

Year 12 – AS-Level.

When you fill in the appropriate Subject Selection Form, please include your details, including the original ID number for the entrance tests, and your subject selections. If you add your email address we will also send you an email showing your subject selection.

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