Beyond the classroom

We place equal emphasis on our students’ intellectual and personal development, encouraging them to learn from everything they do.

Our students are encouraged to take advantage of the co-curricular activities available at the College, to learn and develop new skills or devote time to an interest.

We encourage our students to challenge themselves and venture beyond their comfort zones. As part of their education at the College, students have opportunities to participate in field trips and to learn from their experiences.

We believe in delivering a holistic education, one that offers opportunity for students to excel academically, pursue their fields of interest and also develop skills needed in later life. Our student’s engagement with the community, both inside and outside of the College, broadens their experience and promotes social responsibility.

Extracurricular activities (ECAs) are on offer Monday to Thursday and students are expected to participate in at least two per week. There are over 30 ECAs on offer a week that are a mixture of both student-led and teacher-led activities. They allow students to develop their leadership skills, collaboration skills and to explore something they are interested in and maybe find a passion for. Current activities range from sports such as basketball, football, golf, badminton, to the arts; dance club, orchestra, choir, Shakespeare, to those based around student interests; audio visual club, model airplane club, and music appreciation club, among many others.

Term 1  2016-2017 Timetable  (Teacher Led)

Term 2  2016-2017 Timetable  (Student Led) 

Extracurricular at Dulwich

The video below was produced by students from our photography and astronomy clubs. 

Since Aaron joined Dulwich 3 years ago, happiness, health, interest in study and hence a foundation for a better future actually happens. By happiness, high school life no longer means just exam, grades ranking and endlessly large amount of homework, he has also been capable of pursuing his interest in Music, Sports, Arts and social activity along the way. By health, with the cultivation of the ability to effectively manage the time, he can balance his time spent on subject studies without sacrificing physical training, especially his favorites like volleyball, tennis and swimming. As to the interest in study, it has become easier by the options of choosing your own subjects, actively participating in class instead of rote learning, and questions all opening up for non-yes-or-no answers as long as arguing in an organized and logical way.  All these make him fulfilling himself by currently obtaining 9 offers from universities across the globe including the UK, Canada and Australia.

——Ms Shen, mother of Aaron, Class of 2015

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