University Offers for the Graduating Class of 2016
POSTED 06-10-2016 12:03

On June 8th, we held our annual prize giving ceremony and graduation of Year 13 students. It was a formal and splendid occasion attended by all our students, teachers and many of the proud Year 13 parents. 

The university application results of the graduates are very impressive. They have received a total of 160 offers from the top universities in UK, US, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. 80% of students hold offers from QS World Ranking Top50 universities. (12 from QS World Ranking Top 10)



Of the UK offers, there are 115 offers in total, with 32 of those offers being from Top 10 universities, including three offers from Imperial College London, 9 offers from University College London and 13 from University of Warwick. Nearly 90% of offers are to universities in the Top 30.


For the US, we’ve got 25 offers in total. 9 out of 11 are ranked Top 100 in the National Universities Rankings by USNEWS and 2 are ranked Top 50. Six are ranked Top 100 in the Liberal Arts Colleges Rankings. We are also very proud that the No. 1 Aeronautical Engineering University in the US took one of our students this year.

Of the Canadian offers, there are 7 offers in total, with all 7 of those offers in the Top 10, including 2 offers at University of Toronto, 1 offer at University of British Columbia and 1 at McGill University. 

Of the Australian offers, there are 7 offers in total, with all 7 of those offers in the Top 10, including 1 offer at Australian National University, 1 offer at University of Melbourne and 1 at University of Sydney. 

For HK, we’ve got 5 offers in total, with one student that was given an offer at Hong Kong University and one student was given an offer at Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Of all offers, we have a highly prestigious Music offer from Royal College of Music. 

These great offers are undoubtedly the valuable gifts that the children submit to their school for graduation. The remarkable achievements cannot be made without student’s efforts, the help of the teachers and the support of parents. We congratulate to all the students again and we want to share the joy of this harvest with all the people who always pay high attention to our school. 

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