Visual and Performing Arts

Edward Alleyn, a colourful actor in the Elizabethan theatre, founded Dulwich College in 1619. His dedication to the arts is reflected in the education our students receive today.

Dulwich students are encouraged to explore their creative talents. The arts provide them an opportunity to gain insight into various cultures across time periods. Encouraging students to engage in the performing arts not only improves their performance skills but also builds confidence and ignites a spirit of fun.

At Dulwich Zhuhai we offer Visual Art as a subject at both IGCSE and A-Level. Students have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills through a range of different media including painting, sculpture, design and photography. Students who are interested in pursuing a degree in art have access to a range of opportunities including art trips to broaden their horizons, the mounting of exhibitions for their own art work, compiling portfolios for university admissions and partaking in Dulwich wide art events including the ‘Dulwich Science and Photography Competition’. With two of our students studying Fine Art at Oxford university, Art is an important subject for our school.

Music is also offered at IGCSE and A-level, but there are a range of opportunities for students to develop their music talents outside the classroom. Orchestra, choir, rock bands, a-capella groups, and jazz groups are just some of the options for students who wish to perform. Our annual Founder’s Day, talent quest, and numerous concerts staged throughout the year, provide students with the chance to shine. Dulwich International organised events ensure students can be involved in performances of outstanding quality such as the International Schools Choral Music Festival and the Dulwich Festival of Music. Taken by world leading practitioners, these events take students to a professional level. 

In Year 10 and 11, Drama is compulsory. Communication in English, confidence in speaking and performing, and developing creativity are some of the skills learnt in Drama. For those students more serious about developing their acting skills, participation in the Dulwich International Shakespeare Festival with practitioners from the RSC in London or involvement in the annual school musical are just some of the ways students can develop their talents. 

For those students who have an interest in, or passion for the arts, Dulwich Zhuhai can provide a range of wonderful opportunities that will allow students to develop their artistic abilities to their full potential.

Visual and performing arts
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