University Counselling

Our dedicated and experienced counselling team is available to ensure that our students receive personalised advice, support and guidance in preparing their applications for the next stage in their educational journey.

Year 12

Students in Year 12 explore the requirements and characteristics of a number of courses in different universities and colleges. Through counselling research and individual sessions with their counsellor, students begin to identify the general subject area or areas that they intend to study and to investigate their “best-fit” courses, colleges and universities. Students are helped to be well organised, proactive and forward thinking in their planning by researching a variety of possible options for their university studies and future careers. In the second half of Year 12, students refine their choice of universities of interest and, by the end of the school year, they should have identified and explored these schools and developed evidence of their interests in those institutions. Students are fully supported in their research by the counsellors. Year 12 is critical for making contact and developing relationships with universities, and we receive many visits from Admissions Officers from a wide range of worldwide universities over the course of the year. Our students are able to meet these Admissions Officers during their visits and they benefit directly from their advice.  

Year 13

At the beginning of Year 13, students and their parents are requested to sign an Integrity Agreement. This network-wide agreement ensures:

- Students and their families are aware of important school deadlines in order to ensure that students plan their time effectively

- Applications are made with honesty, ensuring all work submitted to the institutions is the student’s own work. This maintains the high level of confidence that Dulwich College International students enjoy with colleges, and the value which Admissions Officers place on the application materials received from Dulwich students

Students submit a maximum of ten carefully targeted applications. (The UK system, through which students can apply to up to five universities/courses, and the University of California system each count as one application). This limit allows students to write individual, high quality applications. Our experience clearly shows that applying to as many places as possible is counterproductive and that students achieve far more success by focusing on their best-fit colleges.

In the first few weeks of Year 13, students will have developed a clear idea of where they intend to apply and they use the first month of the school year to narrow down their list of places to study to ten. Applicants for Oxford and Cambridge in the UK and Early Decisions in the US need to make their final decisions and have their application completed as soon as possible as the deadlines are in the middle of October for Oxbridge and early November for Early Decisions. Students meet with their counsellors regularly to ensure their lists and application materials are being reviewed. It is the student’s responsibility to be well organised and self-directed, to know their deadlines, and to have their essays and other documentation prepared in a timely manner. Our counsellors work throughout the application process and are readily available, by appointment, for support and guidance to our students and their parents.

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