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Students who leave a Dulwich College International school join an expanding, global network of alumni which is expected to reach 54,000 former parents, students and staff by 2021. A network we believe will be invaluable to those who remain engaged with each other and our schools. We are working on our alumni programme to provide more opportunities for professional networking, career mentoring and career opportunities for International Old Alleynians, wherever they are in the world. This network keeps the school in touch with a group of high-achievers whose experiences and knowledge can be a real inspiration for our current students.

To keep up to date with our alumni community, sign up to our alumni network and connect with us by following the official Wechat account: DHZH Alumni or joining our Facebook group: Dulwich Zhuhai Alumni.

Contact email: dulwichzhuhai.alumni@gmail.cn

After Dulwich...

rosen.jpgHi. My name is Rosen and I'm currently studying Management at the University of Toronto. Spending four years at Dulwich Zhuhai could be the best decision I've ever made in my life. During the four years in Dulwich, thanks to the amazing opportunities Dulwich provided, I've earned valuable experiences through different events not only just for my course, but for my whole life as well, including leadership, life skills, team working skills and social skills. Also spending four years  in an English dominated environment really helped me to blend in to the university community as well as getting me ready for the further education overseas.

Hi.I am Eric. I currently study mathematics in Oxford and am in my second year. I graduated from Dulwich Zhuhai in 2015. Dulwich is a really nice high school. You have a chance to communicate with teachers to improve your English and gain more confidence in social situations. As more and more students graduate, you can get lots of advice from them to familiarise yourself with what it is really like to study overseas. I really liked the extra time we had in Dulwich compared to Chinese schools. Actually, it is less than in university, but it ensured we developed   the independent skill of self-study. This has helped me at Oxford because I have learnt to use my time wisely to preview upcoming lectures, do problem solving sheets, or prepare for internships, etc.


Hi! I am Pallas. I am a second year student at University College London and my fields of study are Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology.

The key word from my Dulwich experience is ‘independence’. In Dulwich I realised that study and life are personal and it is my own responsibility to keep my study as well as my life, well-organised. As a result, I could easily acclimatise to university study. In addition, the frequent science laboratory practices in Dulwich not only amplified my eagerness to be an organic chemist, but also gave me confidence and made me outstanding in the university laboratory classes.

Alumni Stories

Ivy.jpgAs an outstanding student, Ivy received 8 IGCSE A*/A grades, including an A grade in IGCSE English as a First Language. She was also a fantastic musician, contributing significantly to the musical life of the school. Alongside her exam successes, she was also a participant in the Georgetown University Debate competition and the International Schools Choral Music Festivals in Beijing, Seoul and Shanghai. Ivy graduated from Dulwich Zhuhai to study Fine Art at the University of Oxford.
Aaron.jpgAaron began his time at Dulwich in 2012. After deciding to take the Fast Track option, Aaron had amazing success in both IGCSE and AS exams. Unsure as to what country he wanted to study in, he applied to the UK, Canada and Australia and gained offers from 8 of the world’s top 50 universities including the National University of Australia and Melbourne University in Australia and Bristol, Warwick and Durham Universities in   the UK. Aaron eventually decided on the University of Toronto in Canada where he is currently completing a business management degree.
Jack.jpgJack Teh went on to study A-Levels at Dulwich College in London after securing a place there through his excellent IGCSE performance at Dulwich Zhuhai. Jack achieved 7 A* and  2 A grades in his IGCSEs, including the highest score in the world for IGCSE Mathematics. After completing his A-Levels in London, Jack went on to study medicine at Imperial College London.
Betty.jpgBetty came to Dulwich Zhuhai in 2012 as an exceptional pianist with great musical ability. During her time at Dulwich Zhuhai she took advantage of the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer, particularly in music, as well as working hard in all her subjects. She participated in the international schools music festival as well as the Dulwich International concerto competition. Betty is currently studying at the Royal College of Music in London.
vincent.jpgVincent joined Dulwich when we opened in September 2010. He always intended to pursue an Art major despite also achieving A grades in Maths, Physics and Economics at AS. He successfully applied to UCLA and Rhode Island School of Design in the USA but chose to study Fine Art at the University of Oxford – becoming the first ever Zhuhai student to do so.

Edward Wu left Dulwich Zhuhai for London to begin his Electrical Engineering degree at University College London. Having achieved 3 A grades and 1 B at AS, Edward was accepted into all five of his university choices but unsurprisingly opted to study at University College London (UCL) - one of the world’s leading universities.

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