DHZH Team Logo Competition
POSTED 05-22-2017 17:06

In February DHZH started the process for designing our school logo. Our school logo will be something that will become synonymous with all of our school's teams, be it sport or maths. 

The first stage of logo design was to decide what we would be called. We were the only DCI School to not have a team name, while all others had menacing names... Traditional names are of predatory animals like "Tigers" (Dulwich College Suzhou)"Lions" (Dulwich College Beijing) sister school Dulwich International High School Suzhou used their Chinese Heritage and chosen "Dragons". DCI schools have chosen names unique to them... Dulwich College Shanghai Minhang are "The Rams" because during the building of their school, a Ram made the building site his home and he was quite difficult to move on, while Dulwich College Yangon are "Pythons" not only because of the infamous Burmese Python, but also because during the build of their school, a safety inspection had to be carried out on a daily basis to check for snakes.



A list of appropriate names was put forward to the Student Council for discussion, and from there they narrowed down the choice to just two names: Sharks or Dolphins. It was put to a student vote, and an overwhelming 66% voted in favour of being called the Sharks.

The next phase of competition saw the actual logo design. A huge 50 House points were on offer for the student who designed the best logo to forever be associated with our school. In total, there were 7 individuals who entered the competition. 10 House points were also on offer for three individuals who submitted designs worthy of note.

Our winning designer is Rain10D(Wing House). Congratulations to Rain and 50 House points! Our three honorable mentions earning 10 House points each were Kim also of 10D (Wing House), Ray11U (Soong), Erica 10L (Shackleton).

From this point on, we are officially DHZH Sharks!

Austin Sweeney

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