Charity Performance in its 6 Year
POSTED 05-20-2017 16:35

Our charity performance has reached its 6th year. From the cataract elderlies in Qingyuan, to the victims of the Yaan Earthquake; from the poor families in Jinwan, to the primary schools in Hongqi Village, by taking one small step at a time, we have taken a big step as a school in funding charity events. This year we are raising money for a library in a primary school. We hope that this will give more young people a chance to receive a better education.  And we couldn’t have achieved the great goal without the generous help of everyone of you.


The planning and the preparation of this event took nearly two months. When we first started this Charity Event, we had in our hearts the love and care for our community, and a great passion to make a contribution to our society. These intentions have acted as our spiritual support, and has helped us through some of the toughest challenges. We believe that this is a chance not only for us, but for all students in Zhuhai to show their passion for our community. Their positive response proved our belief correct, and finally we created a great show together in Huafa Mall on April.15th, we collected 28051.52RMB this year and all the donations will be used for building up libraries in needy schools.



We have came a long way since we began. Things weren't smooth, but the lessons we learnt will benefit us on the rest of this journey. We will continue to engage in this charity event, improving it in every way we can, and we expect to see a better version of ourselves next year.

Katherine Luo (Y12)

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