English Learning


The ability to communicate effectively in English is probably the single most important criteria for becoming a successful student in the UK or the US. Therefore, we insist that all our lessons are conducted in English and students are required to speak English in the classrooms and corridors throughout the school day. 

Beyond the academic study of English, Dulwich International High School Zhuhai also encourages students to develop their skills in communication. The skills of debating, presenting, public speaking and group collaboration are highly valued in Western universities, particularly so in the US, and these skills help students to become confident public speakers in English. 

With English now the world’s most widely spoken business language, anyone able to speak it will enjoy greater opportunities. So we teach it not as a second language but as another first. From the time they enter the A-level programme, all students enjoy full immersion in English, which they must speak at all times while at school. We also go beyond speaking, reading and writing, with workshops and activities that truly immerse Dulwich international A-level students in the richness of western culture.

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